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Charles talks through the importance of styling a property from a seller and buyer perspective and how it can truly make a difference.

“Hi! Charles here from Hauss Realty. I want to talk to you today a little bit about property styling, really giving you a little bit of insight as to how it works.

Styling, purely and simply, help them understand how the dynamic of the furniture falls in the property. The next key point with property styling is what it allows the house to be able to achieve – if there’s anything that’s dated, or it’s looking a bit tired, it takes it away from that.

One of the things I like about styling is that it does depersonalise the house. Not too much, but enough so that when you’re going in it doesn’t feel like it’s someone else’s house, it feels like you could actually live there as well, and I think that’s very important when someone is looking at a home.

There is actually a financial benefit of property styling. Researches show that whatever you invest, it will give back up to three or more times. It makes the house more saleable, potentially selling it quicker, and I think the investment is definitely well worth it.”

– Charles Wiggett