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Ana talks through how to increase rental return by taking a deep dive into the presentation of a property.

“Increasing rental returns really comes down to one simple thing, and that’s about presentation of the property.

The presentation of a property involves several layers. I think the first layer is actually, before you even photograph your property, ensuring that the actual property is in really general good repair. So, that is, it’s well painted, that everything in the property is actually working and well maintained.

Secondly, is a set of professional photographs, because they always showcase the property in the best light and make your property more desirable, even before somebody has walked in the door.

And then, thirdly, when potential tenants walk into an open home, it’s the actual feel of the property so if the lawns are mowed, for example, the pool is clean, then straight away people have the impression that the owner obviously maintains the property well, and they will treat this property in the same way as that’s presented.”

– Ana Wiggett