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  • If you don’t already have a solicitor, please appoint a solicitor that you are comfortable with, and pass on their details to Hauss as soon as possible to finalise the contract.
  • Hauss will send through to both the Buyers and Sellers solicitor a copy of the contract. We recommend that you ring your solicitor and check they have received a copy and have started to process it.
  • We also recommend that you check your insurance to make sure you are covered on the property until settlement.
  • We recommend that both buyers and sellers keep in regular contact with their solicitor and bank to ensure the process is on track and that you are ready for settlement. It’s better to deal with any unexpected surprises earlier rather than later.




Pay the deposit for the property within terms of contract.
Advise Hauss & your solicitor that deposit has been paid. Send a copy of deposit receipt to the buyer & advise their solicitors that deposit has been paid.
Take out immediate insurance on the property.
Book the Pest & Building & advise Hauss so we can confirm access to the property. Confirm details with the seller & attend pest & building with buyer.
Sometimes an onsite valuation may be required. Your bank will advise you. The valuer or you will need to advise Hauss. Meet valuer at the property, to give them access. If the property is worth over $750,000, you need to request an ATO tax clearance certificate & send copy to your solicitor.
When all the conditions of the contract have been met, then your solicitor needs to confirm with both Hauss & the sellers solicitor that the contract can go unconditional. Needs to have received advice from both the buyers & sellers solicitors, acknowledging that the contract conditions have been met.

We’re here to provide you with the best advice – contact us at any time.