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Buying with Hauss

As locals, we truly believe the Western suburbs of Brisbane are the best place to live, and we’d love to have you join us!

Whether you are starting out, need more space or are a savvy investor on the lookout for new opportunities, with Hauss Realty in your corner buying is an exciting experience. We listen to your circumstances and find out what’s important to you, from there we join you in the search for your perfect property. If you happen to miss out on a property or you’re outbidded, we’ll stay in touch for the next listing that looks like it’s made just for you.

Make sure you’ve researched the market, understood your buying criteria and worked with your finance team to gauge borrowing capacity if needed. Breaking down contracts, negotiating prices and defining terms of sale can quickly become very overwhelming without guidance. If you’re ever unsure, the Hauss team are here to help. We will make sure all these things don’t suck the joy out of purchasing your new home or investment property by handling all the finer details.

Finding a Property

First step is reaching out to our team, let them know what you’re after- we may have just the thing. Follow us on social media, it’s where we post all of our new listings and sneak peaks for up and coming homes, the next one could be your dream home!

Making an Offer

If you’re interested in home, never hesitate to get in touch, we can help you get your Hauss in order. Finding a conveyancer, organising contracts, inspections and negotiations can feel like a whirlwind so having a team to explain how it all works makes all the difference.

Welcome Home

When the dust has settled on your new purchase and we’re celebrating a great result, we’ll be there to make sure your either comfortable in your new home or if we can help find a tenant to love it for you.

Your property journey starts here.

Let’s find your perfect fit.