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Ana talks around the key things to consider when looking for a tenant, from credentials through to the right fit for the property and area.

“Finding the right tenant for a property has several factors. Obviously they will need to be able to pay the rent. and they need to have good reference checks, but one of the other things to consider is also finding the right tenant that will actually fit with the property and with the owner’s expectations.

A really important consideration when looking for the right tenants for the property is actually to check with the owner and find out what their expectations are for their property. Some owners may be looking to renovate their home and therefore they’re looking for six months tenancy, other owners may own their property and they’re own super or they’re on an investment fund so they’re looking for longer term type of tenant.

You need to look not only at financial things, but also who the tenants are and environment and the type of property that they’re going into.”

– Ana Wiggett