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When is the best time to sell a house?

There is so much to factor in when you’re considering selling your house. Obviously, there are so many reasons to sell: a new job, upgrading, downsizing, or a sudden need to chase a seachange. 

Of course, we know that the market fluctuates and with that fluctuation comes opportunities to make more money from your home. But, when is the best time to sell your house?

It’s long been said that spring is the time to sell. The sun is out, the flowers are blooming, and you can sell that beautiful, sunshine-drenched dream to the perfect buyer willing to pay that just-right price. 

However, is the spring rule always true? What if you live up in the mountains and the winter cosiness is your property’s main appeal? There is a myriad of reasons to sell your house all year-round, with different factors to consider at every stage.

So, when is the best time to sell? Well, we’re going to break it all down — with the pros and cons of each season, market fluctuation, and situation. 

How to know when it’s time to sell

The first thing to properly consider is definitely whether you actually want to sell and why. Sometimes, we can hear things like “seller’s market” and “real estate boom” and feel really motivated to sell — like we’d be missing out on a big opportunity if we didn’t.

We definitely get it but the market fluctuates and it’s important you’re sure you’re ready to sell. So, consider if you’re ready to move. 

You may have outgrown your existing property or, on the other end of the spectrum, you may have realised it’s time for you to downsize. Maybe, you just want a seachange.

Whatever the reason, if you’re definitely feeling ready to move on, then it’s a good time to sell.

The different factors that affect your sales process

We all know the different seasons can have an impact on how we sell our properties but there are a few other factors that affect the saleability of your home.

We’ll break down the difference between the seasons and the advantages and disadvantages that come with selling in them here in Brisbane and South East Queensland, as well as the market itself and what affects it.

The season

When considering the best time of year to sell a house, we know the season comes into it. But how much does the season affect the best time of year to sell your house? 

Well, each different season comes with different advantages and disadvantages, we’ll break it down below.


The cold has left us and the sun is shining. Gardens are blooming, the grass is green, and natural light is flooding your home. Particularly here in Brisbane, natural attractions like Jacaranda trees can make spring an amazing time to get your property sold.

Funnily enough though, many of these observations have meant the market becomes oversaturated in spring. So, it becomes more of a buyer’s market, with plenty of properties to inspect but not a lot of competition in those offers.

Of course, if we look at the data, the end of the year – spring particularly – is still when most properties seem to be sold. It’s important to note though, that this is directly related to the number of listings which are comparatively just as high.


The holiday season comes along in December and some buyers are really keen to buy a place and move in ahead of Christmas. 

This can make summer a great time to sell, for that niche, perfect storm. However, typically the holiday season puts a serious halt on sales. 

Properties with summer features will obviously be easier to sell during this period. Think lovely outdoor entertaining spaces, pools, spas, and big backyards. 

As well as that, proximity to the beach and local swimming holes like creeks can do particularly well over the summer. It’s the perfect time to sell that idyllic summer lifestyle.

The lull in buyers will usually mean a lull in listings too. So, it can actually be a great time to sell as the market is quieter but some buyers will still be keen to make their move.


With all of the different factors in mind, we could say this about each season, but autumn really is a great time to sell. 

That Christmas holiday period has ended, buyers are back at work, and they’ve had those summer holidays to reset and do their research. Now, they’re ready to inspect and act. 

It means autumn is a really amazing time to be a prepared seller and profit from that handful of buyers who are ready to go.


In winter, the market becomes much quieter. Many people believe winter is the very worst time to sell your house.

This is mostly put down to the fact that it’s cold and no one wants to brave those cold mornings for open homes. It’s a fair point, but it certainly has less of an impact here in Brisbane where we only really have a month (if that) of seriously cold mornings.

Meanwhile, the quieter market gives more impact to your property listing as there’s so much less competition. This can help you snatch up more interest in your property and potentially, a higher sale price.

The market

It’s a seller’s market right now. Properties are selling quickly and first home buyers and investors alike are scrambling to get their hands on properties.

This demand in the market drives prices up, making it an ideal time for you to make your move and sell. 

The property market naturally goes through cycles of downturn, where prices continually fall and eventually, rise back up until they reach a peak. 

Keep an eye on the market and the trend property prices are travelling in to pick the best time to list your property.

Interest rates

The current interest rates will have a big impact on the market and thus, the time your property spends on the market, as well as how much it eventually sells for.

When the Reserve Bank makes a change that will cause interest rates to drop, then it basically means money is cheaper to get. This is really good news for buyers.

In turn, this encourages people to buy causing an influx of buyers on the market. This stirs up the competition, meaning your house will usually sell quicker and for more.

So, when is the best time to sell a house in Brisbane?

We’re quite lucky here in Brisbane. Our year-round lovely weather and lifestyle features mean it’s possible to make a quick sale across the entirety of the year.

So, when is the best time to sell a house in Brisbane? Well, spring is an amazing time to sell in Brisbane. 

Particularly on those leafy streets with falling Jacarandas, spring is an amazing time to showcase the liveability, the lifestyle, and the picturesque kerbside appeal of your home.

As we touched on earlier though, all the benefits that come with spring drive competition up among sellers.

Autumn can be just as good as Brisbane still offers amazing weather for early morning open homes and your home will still be just as picturesque. 

The big difference will be less competition on the market. You’ll find fewer property listings on the market but more buyers ready to take action as the end of the financial year approaches.

Is there a “worst” time to sell your house?

It really depends on your priorities. If you’re after a quick sale then spring is likely the worst time for you. The big influx in property listings means you’ll be put up against a lot of competition.

Although the typical answer to this, no matter where you live, will usually be the holiday periods. The Christmas, New Year period and Easter will make it trickier to sell your house.

If you’re ready to move on from your property though, your real estate agent will be there to support you towards your sales goals — no matter when you decide to sell.

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