Ways to sell Queensland property

Learning to sell your home in Queensland can be an overwhelming, frustrating and exhausting experience. Particularly when you’re saying goodbye to the family home. Queensland’s property laws differ to those of other states and it’s easy to fall prey to some of the legislative pitfalls.

Queensland’s property market is unique to its location. Choosing your method of sale can either make the process painless and simple or difficult and arduous. Deciding how to sell your property can depend on the following variables:

  • Market Conditions -The current market conditions are more often than not in a state of flux. Understanding the ebb and flow of the market is critical to giving yourself a head start.
  • Property Type – There a wide array of property types and dependent on what type of property your home is, the sale campaign needs to be suited to that type.
  • Market Prices – This is a no-brainer, market prices are always moving and understanding the economic climate and market conditions is your first step towards making this a successful move for you and your family.
  • Buyer Activity – Another aspect of market conditions, knowing the trends of buyer activity, interests and engagement will help to position your home in the market.
  • Your Priorities – Your priorities are of utmost importance when selling your property. Your property campaign must dovetail perfectly with your plans.

Private Treaty

Private treaty is one of the most common methods of sale. Private treaty means you list your property for sale publicly and you determine the sale price of your home. Once a buyer has indicated they would like to purchase your property, negotiation begins. Negotiation of the final price agreement and any terms of sale are managed between the agents of the seller and buyer.

Private treaty works well when your’s and your families’ priorities are more important than other factors that may affect your property sale. You have the most control when exercising private treaty as your method of sale.


Auctions are specific events overseen by an auctioneer. Potential buyers must bid against one another to negotiate a purchase price for your home. Buyers must register to purchase at auction and be in a position to place bids. If the bidding on the day surpasses the reserve price then the highest bidder must purchase the property for their elected price. The sale on the day is final if this happens.

Auctions remove a certain level of control from the seller. This process can be traumatic for families who are parting with their home. Placing a numerical value on your home can be a challenging experience. We’ll work with you to make sure that it’s an easy process to navigate for you and your family.


Tender is generally a longer sales process. This method allows offers to be submitted by potential buyers and considered by the seller on a case-by-case basis. Tenders can be submitted with variable terms of sale which means that you, as the seller, can choose the offer with the most favourable terms.

While tender allows you to pick and choose, this may not be the best path for you and your family. The tender process forces you to choose from the priorities of potential buyers, rather than putting your needs and goals first.


Openn Negotiation is an online real estate purchasing platform designed to be open and fair for both buyers & sellers. It cuts out any confusion or game playing, making the process of buying and selling efficient, transparent and far less stressful than it can often be.


Make Selling Your Home Easier

Chat to us about selecting the best sales method for you and your family. Choose a method which takes into account your priorities, buyer concerns and market trends.

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We were impressed with Charles , he kept us informed from the initial inspection thru to settlement. We don’t often rate agents, but you will have no problem with Charles. He is honest and not over the top . His market knowledge was on the money and we would no problem using Charles again . If your or a vendor or a seller , Charles is a fair and reasonable man.\



The whole process of selling was made easy with Charles.
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Charles was professional, polite, knowledgeable and decent. And a pleasure to work with. He sold my house in record time.


It was a pleasure to work with Charles during the purchase of our home.  Charles communicated and negotiated with us in a professional manner to enable us to buy at a fair price.
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I appreciated the patience waiting for me to require the sale, the help in presenting the property and the honesty in assessing the market and the hard work in finding interested buyers


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We were very pleased with the service we received from Charles and his team at Hauss. They are locals themselves, so their knowledge of the local area and its amenities was great. We really liked that Charles embraces the Opennegotiation online auction process which provides great transparency during the purchasing and negotiating stages. The team provided many warm and personal touches post sale as well and were very accommodating with our inspection requests. This is the only real estate agent you should consider in the area!