The Hauss difference: making your Hauss a home

The Hauss difference: making your Hauss a home

No two families are exactly alike, and no two homes are the same. There’s no one-size-fits-all housing solution: every property has its own benefits and drawbacks that have to be weighed and measured by the people taking the risks on a big investment.

If you’re the one laying it all on the line, you probably already know how much hard work it is navigating the market. It’s even harder if you’re missing the one tool you really need—an experienced agent who knows what’s best, and how to get it. Agents will promise a lot: but if they haven’t taken the time to understand your family’s unique needs, you’re still lost in rough seas.

That’s why we offer the Hauss difference. We don’t think the real estate experience should be a one-sized arrangement skewed in favour of the agent. We’re all about delivering an exceptional level of care to all our buyers and sellers—because we understand that a house is a home, and because we think everyone deserves to come away with what they were looking for.

The Hauss difference: making your Hauss a home

What’s the Hauss difference?

Every agent will tell you they’re different. But very few of them have the unique selling points we do: we’ve purpose built our business on the commitment to premium service that you can only get from a boutique agency.

We don’t have the same focus on profit that the big agencies do. We’re a full-service real estate agency, developed specially to help Brisbane buyers and sellers all the way through the sale process to a good result for everyone. At house, premium service doesn’t just mean achieving a good financial outcome: it means using our professional acumen and local knowledge to contribute to building and maintaining the social fabric of our neighbourhoods in the Western suburbs.

Hauss is a new agency, but we’re not rookie agents. Our team of experienced professionals think outside the box, and with a fresh approach to service and new agency model, we’ve really got something new to offer the real estate market. We’re giving our buyers and sellers what they’re missing from other agencies: old-school service, with the latest technologies and information—and a distinct advantage in leveraging good results from their investments.

Expert local knowledge

At Hauss, we live and breathe the Western suburbs. We take our coffee breaks in the same cafés our clients visit, shop in the same supermarkets, and know many of the same business owners. We’re locals to Graceville and the Western suburbs, and have the same intuition and depth of local knowledge as everyone else who calls this place home.

As locals, we know what makes these suburbs attractive, and why they’re worth the investment. But what really sets us apart as agents is that we’re also good at what we do: with unrivalled accuracy in market analysis, and a broad, well-established professional network, we deliver premium real estate results time and time again for our clients. Our local knowledge, paired with our industry expertise, makes us a formidable force in the Western suburbs property market.

At Hauss, our experienced professionals focus on key areas of the Western suburbs, deepening their knowledge of its specific benefits, and establishing and strengthening relationships with local businesses. This local knowledge underpins our boutique approach to real estate: it allows our agents to provide comprehensive, value-added services—including fully-guided suburb tours and accurate valuation appraisals—and deliver an incomparable real estate experience.

The Hauss difference: making your Hauss a home

Talented agents

Hauss is a purpose-built agency, delivering exceptional talent with real compassion. Our agents undertook this new initiative with drive to be different from typical profit-focused agencies, and to fill the gap in the market for full-service, individually tailored real estate support.

Our agents are professionals, but they’re also family focused. Hauss is like a family unit in itself: we worked together for a long time before founding this new endeavour, and we share the same fundamental values. We established Hauss on a commitment to service that reflects our family ideals, creating a system that’s not only efficient, but safe, welcoming, and transparent.

At Hauss, we appreciate each of our staff members as a professional in their own right. Each has a unique set of talents they bring to the table, allowing Hauss to achieve remarkable results for its clients time and time again. The refined skills of our team members gives Hauss the edge over our competitors with reliable communication, broad local knowledge, and innovative marketing technology—and the old-school values that give our clients the confidence to trust us with their properties.

Hauss Concierge

The Hauss difference isn’t just a principle: it’s a set of tools designed to streamline the property sales process. Whether they’re buyers or sellers, our clients have access to our bespoke suite of real estate services—Hauss Concierge.

Whether our clients are relocating, moving home within the Western suburbs, or brand new and settling in, our Concierge service can help. Hauss Concierge is a one-on-one, tailored and personalised support system incorporating everything from insights into local businesses and services, to information packs and strategies that help to smooth the transition. Hauss Concierge can even manage entire moves where the property owner is absent.

Hauss Concierge is a set of practical solutions that stand as testimony to our commitment to service. It provides clear information, compassionate support, and a fresh perspective for our clients, whether they’re brand new to the property game or experienced buyers just looking for something new and exciting. It’s flexibly designed to meet all our clients’ needs and goals, and to assist our team members in taking as good care of these properties as they do their own homes.

If you’re embarking on a new property journey and you need experienced and professional help, leave your investment in the careful hands of Hauss. With deep local knowledge, remarkable industry insight, innovative technology, and old-fashioned customer service, Hauss can help make your property your home. Contact us anytime for more information, and we’ll be happy to show you the Hauss difference.

Charles was very helpful throughout the process of buying my first house. He offered advice and assistance when needed but was never pushy. I would recommend him to anyone looking to buy in the area!


Charles is very easy to communicate with and discuss issues with. He would reply to questions within a quick timeframe and was very knowledgeable about the property market and local area.



We were impressed with Charles , he kept us informed from the initial inspection thru to settlement. We don’t often rate agents, but you will have no problem with Charles. He is honest and not over the top . His market knowledge was on the money and we would no problem using Charles again . If your or a vendor or a seller , Charles is a fair and reasonable man.\



The whole process of selling was made easy with Charles.
He kept us informed at all times and walked us through the entire process.
We used the open negotiation method and it worked well in our case.

Cheers Charles for your great work.


Charles was professional, polite, knowledgeable and decent. And a pleasure to work with. He sold my house in record time.


It was a pleasure to work with Charles during the purchase of our home.  Charles communicated and negotiated with us in a professional manner to enable us to buy at a fair price.
We happily recommend Charles to anyone looking to buy/ sell their home.

I appreciated the patience waiting for me to require the sale, the help in presenting the property and the honesty in assessing the market and the hard work in finding interested buyers


When we engaged Charles to sell our property we were extremely confident that we were engaging a reliable, professional, knowledgeable agent.
Charles was amazing – his communication at all times was outstanding His efficiency excellent and above all, his professional integrity superlative.
We would not hesitate to recommend Charles to anyone in the local area who wishes to sell or buy a house!

Peter & Cathie

We were very pleased with the service we received from Charles and his team at Hauss. They are locals themselves, so their knowledge of the local area and its amenities was great. We really liked that Charles embraces the Opennegotiation online auction process which provides great transparency during the purchasing and negotiating stages. The team provided many warm and personal touches post sale as well and were very accommodating with our inspection requests. This is the only real estate agent you should consider in the area!